Petrochemical Production

Petrochemical Developments

The expected growth in natural gas and related NGLs creates an opportunity for master limited partnerships to build the necessary infrastructure for storing, processing, and shipping natural gas and extracted hydrocarbons.

Because long term supplies of natural gas will be abundant, so will ethane and propane.  Therefore, major petrochemical plants are being built in the U.S. to produce ethylene, the building block of water bottles and glad trash bags.   In recent years, the shale revolution has allowed the extraction of ethane and propane in quantities that have encouraged the building of multi-billion dollar plants in the U.S.

There are numerous plants under construction in the U.S. and North Americas, as you can see in the map below:

As we enter 2017, we will continue to look at the different trends in the energy market that are driving recovery and growth in the MLP sector.

Major ethane-based petrochemical construction projects in North America. Customize and filter the data here. Source: Petrochemical Update


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